Invest with Michigan Recon and Own a Piece of Detroit

The exclusivity of investing with Michigan Recon Development Corporation:

Pre- Sales Services
  • Property Investment Consultation
  • Here at Michigan Recon, we pride ourselves in having a real estate investment team with many years of experience. Our team can offer professional and effective advice based on your investment needs.

    Feel free to contact us if you are interested in investing in the Detroit and metro area.

  • Quality Control
  • Michigan Recon checks the structural integrity of the house before we proceed to renovate, we hire only trusted contractors and purchase only high-quality materials to make the homes look great before the tenants move in. Our after sales department and property management team makes every home a hassle-free investment ready to produce great returns right from the start.

  • Administrative assistance
  • We suggest setting up an LLC (Limited Liability Company) when investing with Michigan Recon. When you invest with Michigan Recon we will provide you assistance with setting up your LLC. By setting up an LLC you’re limiting your personal liability. A LLCs ‘limited liability’ is on the same basis as a corporation.

  • Lawyer and legal structures
  • We understand your legal concerns with investing in properties; Michigan Recon has connections with legal teams that specialize in international property market. You can sleep easy at night knowing our intelligent legal team handles your legal concerns.

  • Tax advice
  • We know that many investors are not familiar with US tax laws. Therefore, we have our certified accountants whom have many years of experience dealing with foreign clients in the property market available to assist you with your US tax needs.

After sales services:
Don’t worry you will not have to do the property management all by yourself. As a client of Michigan Recon, you will receive the benefits of our full property management services, guaranteeing that you do almost nothing while earning wealth from your passive income.

  • Property Management
  • We are proud to say that we have the best team of property management workers in all of Detroit. Not only will your investment generate a return almost immediately, but also you will not have to deal with the normal struggles of being a landlord such as: taking care of maintenance issues, notifying the tenants about late rent payments, souring for tenants, move out day challenges, etc.....

  • Property Maintenance
  • At Michigan Recon, our goal is to have all properties withstand the test of time while requiring minimal maintenance. We will be on call 24/7 to maintain all of your properties on your behalf. Your property will be as good as new when you purchase it and even 10 years down the road.

    As your trusted management property partner, it is our priority that your investments are well taken care of.

  • Rental collections
  • Michigan Recon will gladly help with your property needs including rental collection. Most of our tenants are receiving 3rd part rental assistance from the government which makes collecting rent easier than ever. The government pays their rent directly to Michigan Recon. Then we ensure that it is credited to your account every month without any hassles.

  • Free tenant replacement
  • Michigan Recon is here to ensure that there are minimal tenancy lapses so that our investors are pleased with the constant returns while their homes are housing families half way around the world.

  • Guaranteed 12-15% rental returns
  • Not only will Michigan Recon set up a guarantee for your rental returns for a period of time, but also we will gladly manage all your properties for you as well. When you invest with us, we will ensure you have a peace of mind while you watch your wealth grow from your passive income.

  • Accounting services
  • Let us know when you have accounting needs, At Michigan Recon, we have great accountants on staff that would be glad to help you with your needs. Our accountants are ready to help with all of your taxes and all other administrative needs.

  • Accounting insurance
  • It’s an absolute MUST that you have insurance for all properties. Here at Michigan Recon, we are able to find you insurance for a great price because we have a large number of properties already insured. Your insurance policy on your property will be lower than the market value.

    Your property policy will cover all the essentials.

  • Property taxes
  • Some property management companies will not discuss the cost of property taxes with you, which can cause a huge headache when you get your tax bill. At Michigan Recon, we let you know the cost of property taxes! No more being left in the dark about how much you have to pay in property taxes each year. The day you take over your property is the day that we fix the taxes on your property. Because we fix your property taxes, you will not have to worry about fluctuating rates.

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