Invest with Michigan Recon and Own a Piece of Detroit

BUY and rent with Michigan Recon

Michigan Recon is the starting point to earn wealth in passive income through investment properties located in the heart of the metro Detroit area. Michigan Recon buys, renovate, rent sand sell properties to benefit everyone.


    Here at Michigan Recon we have low housing prices because we buy our house in large quantities mainly form city auctions. By doing so we are saving are tenants and investors large amounts of money.


    Once the houses are renovated we select only tenets that are finically stable. Mainly our houses are rented to tenants who are receiving housing choice vouchers, commonly known as section 8. By doing this rent payments are basically guaranteed by the state of Michigan, therefore we rarely deal with late rent payments.


    Once a home is fully renovated and rented out to trusted tenets we start looking for valid investors who wish to earn wealth by investing in properties in the heart of the metro Detroit area. We support our investors with full landlord and maintenance services so our investors can enjoy the high yield of their investment with low maintenance concerns.

    This is a great time to take advantage of the low housing prices that generate high returns in the Metro Detroit area. At Michigan Recon we understand that purchasing a house is a major decision especially if the house is in a foreign country. Not only will your investment generate wealth almost immediately, you wont have to deal with normal landlord duties such as recruiting tenants, maintenance issues, collecting rent payments and etc. Michigan Recon will take care of all of your property management needs.

    Michigan Recon has designed a set of comprehensive services to help our investors maximize returns in the most hassles free way possible.

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